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For a leading manufacturer in the B2B sector, we automatically prioritize website visitors according to potential.

AI is used to analyze 6 million websites and evaluate the objective potential of inactive customers.

For ten years, we have been optimizing the manufacturer’s existing customers with the help of AI and millions of pieces of data.

Milions of sales and millions of historical sales contacts are used to predict the order probability and amount of each sales contact.

One of the world’s top recruitment agencies works with our predictive sales module Visit Value Predict.

Our client, a facility service provider with around 80,000 employees, uses our forecasts for customized up- and cross-selling.

The premium manufacturer was able to sell over 5,000 vehicles to companies with our predictive sales program.

A leading manufacturer of metalworking tools has been using our new customer module for years. The environment is difficult and highly competitive. Our forecasting system helps to identify new customers.